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56 Ways to Praise Your Grandkids Free Download - Playtime by Eimmie
Sep 28, 2021
Praise with a child can always be a tough one to figure out, even today. The girls at Playtime by Eimmie have found 56 of the best ways that grandparents can praise their grandchild that are effective and modern.
Playtime by Eimmie Thank You Cards
Dec 30, 2020
If your child received a new doll for Christmas, let's give a big thank you! Download our FREE PDF Thank You card to send to those who gifted your children!
Playtime by Eimmie, For Parents, 18-Inch Dolls
Dec 28, 2020
Did you get a new doll for Christmas? Here are 5 ways to keep playtime fun and engaging!
You're A Doll Kindness Challenge Winner and Highlights - Playtime by Eimmie
Oct 21, 2020
Second round of You're A Doll Kindness Challenge Winner and Highlights!
You're A Doll Kindness Challenge: Winner & Highlights - Playtime by Eimmie
Sep 29, 2020
Their kindness is contagious!
Playtime by Eimmie, Giveaway, Kindness Challenge
Sep 15, 2020
Enter Playtime by Eimmie's Kindness Challenge Contest - our way of saying thank you for being kind! Read more to learn all about the prizes!