Playtime Activities

Which Sharewood Forest Friend Are You?
Feb 14, 2024
It’s cold and wintery outside. The snowflakes are making little patterns on the window, and...
do it yourself child friendly halloween bath bombs
Oct 29, 2021
Trick or treating can be exhausting! Sometimes a relaxing bath is the cure all. Karly brings Kaylie's Halloween DIY craft idea to life for everyone to enjoy.
#diy halloween doll outfits
Oct 26, 2021
Now you can make your own doll costumes! Karly joins Kaylie and the girls at Playtime by Eimmie make a fairy, bookworm and poodle skirt for your 18 inch dolls!
Easter Playtime Pack + Activities - Playtime by Eimmie
Mar 10, 2021
Looking for Easter snacks, crafts, or games? We've got you covered! We've provided family friendly activities that will make your Easter eggcellent!