VIDEO: Club Eimmie Testimonials

Mar 05, 2020
VIDEO: Club Eimmie Testimonials - Playtime by Eimmie

Does your child spend too much time playing on their screen? Do they always complain that they have nothing to do? Maybe you already bought them a really expensive 18-inch doll and it's sitting in the toy box collecting dust? 

If you said yes to any of those questions, you're in the right place.

Club Eimmie, our monthly subscription service, helps kids unlock their imaginations by delivering endless ways to play with their 18-inch dolls.

As part of Club Eimmie, the doll-lover in your life will receive monthly packages in the mail -- we call them Playtime Packs -- and they're filled with clothes, playsets, and accessories for 18-inch dolls.

Each month has a theme that is perfectly curated for the child's imagination. For example, one month will take them on a safari adventure with their 18-inch doll, while the next month will have them baking and helping around the kitchen in a matching apron set. 

Along with the physical mail delivered to their doorsteps, kids will also receive weekly emails filled with exclusive Club Eimmie content. The best part is that all of the email content directly correlates with that month's theme. During your safari adventure month, kids will receive lion coloring sheets, safari-related recipes & crafts, and even a fun Eimmie safari story that will keep them playing and learning. 

If you're thinking about subscribing to Club Eimmie but are still on the fence these happy girls and their families tell you exactly why you should go for it!



At Club Eimmie, we create the toys, she creates the adventure. Each month, Club Eimmie members receive a Playtime Pack filled with outfits, accessories, and playsets for their 18-inch dolls.
For a limited time only, you can subscribe to Club Eimmie and get your first Playtime Pack for just $19.99 -- just in time for spring! 

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