How To Celebrate Father's Day At Home

Jun 18, 2020
How To Celebrate Father's Day At Home - Playtime by Eimmie

Father's Day 2020 may look a little bit different from other years due to social distancing, quarantine, and our favorite places and restaurants being closed. But, just because we can't honor dads the way we usually do, doesn't mean the day can't be as fun.

How To Celebrate Father's Day At Home

Skip having to navigate large crowds and limiting your activities while celebrating Father's Day at home with these awesome ideas.

Host a backyard BBQ. Head to the grocery store or local market and pick out dad's favorite treats. As a family, spend the morning marinating and preparing the meal, then get outside and enjoy the sunshine as you cook together. 

To make it more special, enjoy your meal with dad on a blanket in the grass like you're having a picnic

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My dad loves to grill. Like every stereotypical father, he considers himself a Grill Master. While you may consider cooking for dad on his special holiday so he can relax, remember that he might just want to be the one in charge since it'd be doing what he loves. If that's the case, remember to compliment him on his grilling skills and reminding him how thankful you are for all he does.

No sports? No problem. I know in my family, Father's Day holidays have been spent taking in baseball one way or another, whether we've listened on the radio, watched a game on TV, or headed to the ballpark as a family. Unfortunately, that's not an option this year as the MLB is not in session, but that won't stop us.

Head over to YouTube or ESPN where you'll find tons of replays of games that you can watch or listen to, even if the sound is just background noise for your day.

Another idea is to host a game in your backyard. Dust off your gloves and play catch with dear ol' dad in the backyard, or, if you have a big enough family and enough space, play a quick game together.

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A little friendly competition. Have dad pick out all of his favorite games and for family game night. Whether it's a board game like Monopoly or a card game like Go Fish, some friendly competition will be fun for all.

To make the game night more about dad, have him pick out the game or even teach the family one that he loves. My dad is a huge lover of Hangman and I remember him teaching me how to play at our kitchen table when I was young and we still play it together today.

Tour de House. Throughout quarantine, I've seen a few creative takes on this idea. You know how at places like Epcot, each exhibit has its own themed drinks and food? That would be so much fun to recreate throughout the house.

For example, you can have appetizers & apple juice in the living room or smoothies & snacks in the basement. Theme out each room in your house and, as a family, make your way around to each one. You can add games and music to each theme, creating a really fun adventure. 

For more fun ways to celebrate Father's Day a home, click here.

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How will you be celebrating Father's Day at home this year?


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