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Playtime by Eimmie 18-Inch Dolls and Accessories
Jul 24, 2023
Embark on a fun-filled adventure with travel hacks, DIY coloring case, and delicious homemade fruit roll-ups. Join Eimmie, a 10-year-old adventurer, and discover the joy of kindness on the road!
crafting with kaylie, playtime by eimmie
Sep 23, 2020
Make your own DIY Unicorn Pencil Holder that's perfect for back to school! It's all part of our back to school series.
stem crafts, diy stem projects, stem projects, stem project tutorial, cloud in a jar, stem cloud in a jar
Aug 12, 2020
Looking for a project that is as educational as it is fun? Watch as Chelsie and Allie teach you how to make your very own cloud in a jar!