Playtime by Eimmie

Eimmie 18 Inch Rag Doll

Eimmie's favorite place in all of Sharewood is her clubhouse. Eimmie measures 18-Inches tall and comes all dressed up in a pink and white dress with a unicorn graphic on the front. She is soft as she is unique and loves sharing clothing, accessories, and playscapes with all her 18-Inch friends. Not only does Eimmie come with her own uniquely designed outfit that matches her fun personality, but also included is an adorable two-piece pajama set with a sleeping mask to change into before bedtime. After a day full of adventures, cozy pajamas make for the best bedtime cuddles.

  • Use for storytelling, pretend play, and more
  • Sized to wear and share popular 18" doll clothing
  • Each character comes with a different playscape
  • Collect all 5: Turn any room into a city playroom
  • Features embroidered nose, mouth, and eyes
  • Includes 2 full outfits and a playscape