Puppy in the snow

Seeing Snow for the First Time

If you’re like me, then you live somewhere that gets TONS of snow in winter time. Sometimes I really wish it was summer so I could hang out at the beach and wear short-sleeves. But most of the time I have tons of fun! Ice skating and sled riding and building snowmen are just a few of the games I get to play in the winter (and sometimes I even bring my dolls along).

For all the new babies who were born before winter, though, seeing the snow is a brand new experience! They don’t even know what sorts of games you can play in it yet. But they learn quick! I loved reading this article from Bored Panda about how all these different baby animals reacted to their first time being out in the snow. You should definitely take a peek! If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will!

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