Santa’s Reindeer: Boys or Girls?

Today I’ll answer this question with help from! It’s a fun, Christmas-y way to kick off December, and I’ve been really curious about it for a long time.

So, what is the answer?

They’re girls! It’s surprising to hear, especially since all the classic Christmas movies have the reindeer played by boys. But, if Santa’s reindeer have their antlers while they’re flying him all around the world, it means that they’re girls. Girl reindeer keep their antlers through the winter months, while boy reindeer shed theirs before the holiday season begins. Also, since the boys are fighting over who gets to be their girlfriend, they have a lot less body fat going into winter. The girls, on the other hand, spent that time preparing for winter and are ready to carry Santa on his long journey while staying nice and warm up in the chilly air.

The article above from LiveScience will tell you lots of other cool facts about reindeer and what makes them the perfect pets for Santa Claus. Have fun learning!

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