Announcing Eimmie Doll Furniture!

 Hi, I’m Eimmie,

The American Girl Doll craze continues to captivate girls young and old around the country. I get it! The fascinating back stories that American Girl Dolls have blend well with your own experiences and create a special kinship between you and your doll. Exploring the different period of history your doll came from can be a useful tool for shaping the person you are or want to become. It’s a beautiful thing!   

To help you along your journey I’ve developed a line of Doll Furniture called Playtime by Eimmie for your American Girl Doll, Wellie Wisher, or any doll you hold close to your heart. Setting the stage for your stories with beautiful doll furniture and accessories galore help you explore the great depths of your creativity. I hope to meet you there sometime soon!

Note to Parents: This furniture is built to last! It’s high quality and contains tons of darling details. It’s built to promote longer playtimes, build skills and confidence, as well as help your child learn about themselves. Isn’t that enough to get you on the American Girl Doll bandwagon?

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